Research Grants and Projects

2016 – 
Cardio-respiratory responses during hypoxic exercise in individuals born prematurely
Slovenian Research Agency
(Research project; principal investigator)

2009 – 
SCPE-NET: Surveillance of Cerebral Palsy in Europe
EU Programme HEATLH – EAHC (Executive Agency for Health and Consumers)
(Collaborator; Head Coordinator: Javier de la Cruz, Spain) 

2009 – 12
Influence of mercury on early development
Slovenian Research Agency
(Collaborator; Principal Investigator: David Neubauer, Slovenia)

2009 – 12
Metabolic and in-born factors of reproductive health
Slovenian Research Agency
(Collaborator; Principal Investigator: Živa Novak Antolič, Slovenia)

2009 – 11
NOTE: On-Line Training in Neonatology
European Lifelong Learning programme – Leonardo da Vinci actions
(Collaborator; Head Coordinator: Mike Hall, UK)

2008 – 11 
nEUroped: European Network for Rare Paediatric Neurological Diseases
(Collaborator; Head Coordinator: Tsveta Schyns, Austria)

2007 – 11
RESPECT: Relating Expectations and needs to Participation and Empowerment of children in Clinical Trials
European Framework 7
(Collaborator; Head Coordinator: Francis P Crawley, UK)

2007 – 09
COST B27: Electric neuronal oscillations and cognition
(Coordinator of the project in Slovenia and member of the managing committee in Brussels, Belgium)

2006 – 08
Neuroprotective treatment after neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury
Slovenian Research Agency
(Postdoctoral research project)

2004 – 07
Follow up of children with developmental risk factors
Slovenian Research Agency

2000 – 05
Young Research Scientist Grant
Slovenian Research Agency